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Maria Doyle Kennedy joined Dexter Season 5 as a Nanny

Maria Doyle Kennedy to Join Dexter Season 5 as a NannyAs Dexter Season 5  gets more people to sign in, here is yet another cast after Julia Stiles and Shawn Hatosy.

Maria Doyle Kennedy joined Dexter Season 5 as a Nanny of a serial killer.
Maria Doyle Kennedy, recognized for her role in Tudors as Henry VIII’s first wife, Catherine Aragon, has signed a role on Dexter season five.

From the wife of a king to the nanny of a serial killer, the Irish actress will help raise Dexter and Rita's kids in season 5.

She is an honours graduate of Trinity College Dublin, In 1988, she married musician Kieran Kennedy, with whom she has four children.

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